3 Rivers Vineyard Church are a socialable bunch and we love to meet up and share a sense of family and community with each other.

We have several midweek groups

RELATE GROUPS - For support and prayer

Groups of three or more people who meet at regularly, to support and pray for each other.  There are several groups that meet in different locations around cornwall.  We find realte groups a great support and way that we can share our lives with one another. 

EQUIP GROUPS - To learn and explore

For bible study, practical how-to sessions, growth and development, each running for a few weeks per topic, or perhaps 6-weeekly, eg for musicians. Suggestions welcome.

• Every other Wednesday, Bible Study group in Truro, 8-9.30pm

• Musicians group, ad hoc, for practical skills, new songs, developing new musicians.

• Prayer meetings – Tuesday 8.15am and 8.15pm for just 30min in Truro.

EXTEND GROUPS - To reach outside the church

We believe that one of the main perposes of being a church is to impact the community around us for good.  So we try to get involved with and run as many activities as possible. We encourage our members to get involved helping us in the community and to start there own initiatives.

Here are just a few of the things that we are involved with:

• Healing on the Streets – Saturdays 1-1.30 in Truro, on Pydar Street. Please go along to support, and to take part once you’ve received training.

• Street Pastors – Saturday nights in Truro from 10.30, for those who’ve received training

• Take a Break – first Saturday of the month, from April to October, 11-3, Twelveheads Sunday School

• Cornwall Christmas Box – Christmas dinner in a box, for the most vulnerable families in Cornwall. In the run up to Christmas, co-ordinating donations, driving to collect them, and delivering to Council staff to distribute

• Blended events – birthday parties where church friends, neighbours, colleagues and team- mates come together and hang out. Or community events, like the Father’s Day fete in 2017.

• And more... you tell us!