These are our vision and values at 3 Rivers Vineyard Church, and the cornerstone we base our lives around.

Living Loved

Imagine how life changing it is to be perfectly loved and accepted by God.  We want to live in the reality of that, exploring it and letting it change our lives from the inside out. 

Sharing Our lives

Being God’s children doesn’t stop once we walk out of church at lunchtime on Sunday. Sharing our lives, ups and downs, celebrations and pain, with the people we’re close to, is part of being family. We hang out together, we invite others to join us, we’re real, and people get to see that.

Extending the kingdom

Because we’re loved, and have that family support, we have the strength and knowledge to share God’s love with others that we meet. Showing people what that means to us, and telling them about Jesus, is part of who we are.